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Ten Reasons to Choose Muttman!

  1. We love all dogs, but believe strongly in rescuing pups in need of a home.  If you've furthered the goal of no more homeless pets by adopting, we'll give you 2% off your order.  
  2. We treat your furry person (or persons) like we would want our furry people treated- as a treasured family member whose safety and comfort is extremely important. We take our responsibility to keep your furry people safe very seriously, whether that means double checking that gates and doors are secured when leaving, or making sure that collars are properly tight before going for a walk.
  3. We understand dog psychology, from years of both study of canine behavior and applying what we've learned in real world situations, whether through volunteer efforts with charity organizations or from years of promoting safe behaviors at the Penn Valley dog park through our involvement with the <a href="">Dogpark Improvement Group </a> charity. We know better than most what your dog is 'saying' through their behavior, and deeply understand what makes dogs comfortable and happy.
  4. We don't charge extra for additional dogs- we will happily work with 2 or more dogs for the same price. We also don't charge extra for any tasks we can complete easily in the course of delivering service, like giving pills when pet sitting.
  5. You know who you're dealing with. If you use our service, you will be dealing with Muttman himself- not some newbie that just got hired, and may or may not know what they're doing.  We consider dog care a serious profession, not something we do for an extra buck or two when we have some free time.
  6. When you pay for 30 or 60 minutes of Muttman service, you get every minute you pay for. Muttman uses a stop watch or timer that we start when we first see your dog, and we don't leave until we have spent the full 30/60 minutes doing work for you and your furry people.
  7. We will work with all kinds of dogs- we don't see breeds, or disability, or worry about vaccination status (although we do reserve the right to ask for a titer test for rabies for unvaccinated dogs). If we can find a way to build a working relationship with your dog, we will happily work with them, and will work hard to get around any furry person issues to make things work.
  8. We're environmentally responsible. Muttman believes strongly that every small effort to help our planet counts- indeed, we believe that many small efforts by everyone are the only way to a healthier ecosystem.  We use recycled bags for our poop pickup work, and our 'hyperlocal' approach means we have a very small carbon footprint- indeed, we will use our bike to get to and from appointments whenever possible!
  9. We provide multiple services for the same price, and will be happy to complete a mix of services within a single half-hour or hour service session. Want to keep your dog exercised, and also get help with poop removal?  Want to come home to a poop-free yard, as well as a safe and happy dog, when you return from a vacation?  Have a last-minute need to get your furry person to a daytime appointment on a day where you’ve already booked service?  We will happily mix and match services, even with last minute notification.
  10. We believe dogs are amazing, unique creatures, who live to please their people, and deserve respect and the benefit of the doubt in all circumstances. There truly are no 'bad' dogs, only dogs which don't understand what their humans want, or have been conditioned into negative behavior by neglect or misguided handling.  And even 'damaged' dogs have an incredible ability to recover, and develop healthy, loving relationships with humans.  We believe these noble creatures deserve our support!

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